Monday, December 5, 2011

Festive Holiday Dinner Becomes Hearty Lunch

Yesterday F. and I rounded up a gaggle of friends and visited a local pick-your-own Christmas tree farm.  I chose this particular farm because it also featured cider donuts and a petting zoo.  Once the Tree Team had safely ensconced the tree in our living room and decorated it within an inch of its life, we ate a festive, somewhat rustic dinner: these chipotle-spiked mashed sweet potatoes (though I might have spiked them a little harder than the recipe called for); these stuffed mushrooms (with dried cherries added to the stuffing); these dijon-braised brussels sprouts, and a pomegranate-pear-blue cheese salad.  Our intrepid friend E. made a strenuous trek on public transportation while carrying a freshly-baked hazelnut raisin cake.  After a lovely and slightly overwhelming dinner, I taught everyone how to play "I Spy" properly. 

Now the leftovers from that dinner are finding a second life as my lunch for the first half of this week.  I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas Tree Quest Day all over again at lunchtime.

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