Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Excellent Salad

I mentioned a while ago that I like to pack non-leafy salads so that I can be sure that they don't wilt, but these days I've come up with another way of doing it.  I actually do pack a lettuce-based salad, but then I use these cute little sauce-storage piggies to hold the dressing so the lettuce doesn't wilt.

It turns out that buying one of those big plastic boxes of pre-washed baby lettuce mix once a week is much faster than chopping a bunch of jicama.  I will probably still pack "chunky salads" pretty frequently but it's nice to have a workable option for lettuce-based salads.  Honestly, if you have a tasty salad dressing, two big handfuls of lettuce in a tupperware with a couple of those sauce piggies is all it takes.  It's not like the salad really needs any toppings, since it's not the only thing in the lunchbox.  Leaves can be delicious on their own.  With dressing, of course.  I'm not crazy.

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