Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Lunch Brainteaser

F. has decided that he would like to eat tacos next week.  And he wants the crunchy shells.  How on earth are we going to pack those for lunch?  I have some ideas but none of them are particularly promising.
  • Pack the shells & fillings separately.  Downsides: requires assembly at lunchtime, shells might get broken on the way to work, unless I put them in a tupperware, which would not be very space-efficient because taco shells are mostly empty space until you fill them with stuff.
  • Pre-fill the tacos.  Downside: shells will get un-crunchy, similar freshness drawbacks to a sandwich.
  • Make taco salad.  Downside: not strictly tacos.
  • Eat tacos for dinner and pack something else for lunch (soup, more frozen Gujarati leftovers).  Downside: we are not home very often for dinner and might not eat all the taco fixins that way, getting tired of rotli and shaak, rotli and shaak are not tacos.
My lunch today is pav bhaji (frozen pre-leftovers), a 1-qt tupperware full of arugula with a little bottle of sesame-ginger dressing, and apples & peanut butter.  

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